1. Member of www.TourismThailand.org/ThailandSuperQuality.
  2. Non-Thais.
  3. Able to use the Internet, media savvy, use Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Line, Instagram, etc.
  4. Have a clean criminal record.
  1. Interested persons can register to become members of www.TourismThailand.org/ThailandSuperQuality by providing their name, last name, a valid email address and phone number, along with other personal details. The activity runs 1 April at 12.01am to 30 July 2015 at 11.59pm.
  2. Choose your "Travel Style" on the activity page, either "Luxury Beach" or "Luxury Thai Countryside".
  3. Invite as many friends as possible to join the activity, including the reason(s) you want to travel in Thailand.
  4. The judge will choose 10 lucky persons from each category and arrange a video conference. You will have to promote yourself and invite friends to be members of www.TourismThailand.org/ThailandSuperQuality and vote for you. The judge will arrange a video conference on 1-20 August 2015.
  5. Twenty lucky persons will be announced on 1 September 2015 and videos will be uploaded to www.TourismThailand.org/ThailandSuperQuality.
  6. Members of www.TourismThailand.org/ThailandSuperQuality can vote for their favorite persons on 1 September to 30 September 2015.
  7. Announce of three finalists on 9 October 2015.
  8. The finalists agree to give the Thailand Super Quality project the right to use names, images, video and/or audio for display, public relations via online and offline media and domestic and international marketing without any approval or extra compensation.
  9. Decisions of Thailand Super Quality and its panel of judges are final.
  1. Become members of www.TourismThailand.org/ThailandSuperQuality.
  2. Each voter can vote for one clip per hour.
  3. The winner will be randomly selected by a computer program.
  4. Prizewinner announcement is on 9 October 2015 on www.TourismThailand.org/ThailandSuperQuality.
  1. Register and invite friends from 1 April at 12.01am to 30 July at 11.59pm.
  2. Candidates are chosen and invited to have a video conference with the judge on 1-20 August 2015.
  3. Finalist announcement on 1 September 2015 and the clips are uploaded to the website.
  4. Vote for your favorite candidate 1 September to 30 September 2015.
  5. Prizewinner announcement is on 9 October 2015.
  1. Prize winners must follow the contest’s rules and conditions to be considered to receive the prizes.
  2. Prize receivers must contact us to info@thailandsuperquality.com within 15 days after the winner announcement. If you don’t claim any prize within the relevant prize claim period, your entitlement to that prize will be lost.
  3. All prizes can’t be redeemed or exchanged for cash, and can’t be transferred to others.
  4. Prize winners who receive the prizes worth more than 1,000 baht must be responsible for a 5% tax and other taxes that may occur.
  5. Prize winners must follow the contest’s rules and conditions to be considered to receive the prizes.
  6. Prizes are subject to change without prior notice.

TAT and Thailand Super Quality have right to cancel or modify the contest, activity and/or the official rules, in whole or part and without notice.
For more information, please contact Thailand Super Quality by email: info@thailandsuperquality.com

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